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We are near bus station: 54, 68, v1 and Hospital clinico, Provença underground.

we are at 50 meters from the parking of Ninot, Provença street.

Advisory in cryptocurrencies to buy and sell

At Altcoins Barcelona we offer advice on cryptocurrencies in three ways.

If you want to buy or sell bitcoins you just have to come to our store and through the ATM you can do it, with free advice from our team of experts.

Course “Introduction in cryptocurrencies”

What are cryptocurrencies? How many cryptocurrencies are there? How to move in the market?

On the other hand, how are cryptocurrencies exchanged from one exchange house to another?

What should you do to generate profits with the purchase and sale of these assets?

All these questions are answered in a course given in one (1) hour, 45 minutes of theory and 15 minutes of questions.

Call us to schedule an appointment, the groups are small and we adapt to your schedule. Cost: 120 euros per person

Counseling in cryptocurrencies and mining

If you want to take an adventure into the world of mining, in Altcoins Barcelona you can buy Bitmain antminers.

Our engineers will tell you step by step everything you must do during the installation of the equipment, they will be connected to you remotely and will accompany you throughout the process, so that obtain the maximum possible profitability.