How to mine cryptocurrencies is very simple.

In Altcoinsbarcelona we are here to guide you through the process of installing the equipment once the purchase is made.

You only need a computer, one or several Antminers connected to the proper power supply and a good internet connection.

To mine cryptocurrencies, once you have all the components, it is best to mines through a “minig pool”.

The Pools are mining teams that join into a specific network to expand the capacity of cryptocurrency mining.

It can be done individually, but the competition is very high, which makes it more difficult to solve a chain of cryptographic blocks.

In order to make the remote connection of the mining equipment to the pool, you must perform the following requirements:

·         First you must install the Team Viewer program and provide the ID to the assessor

·         Then you have to create a wallet in Coinbase and provide the ID to receive your reward in cryptocurrencies.

·         You must be connected to the internet.

·         Make the physical connection of the equipment to the network, following the instructions of our assessor.

·         Supply the IP of the equipment, in case of NOT knowing, contact the technical team of Altcoinsbarcelona.

·         Attend with the schedule previously agreed with our team to make the connection.

·         Finally, you must accept the connection conditions (signed document)
All the time you will have the advice of  Altcoins Barcelona´s team to know how to mine the cryptocurrencies you choose. We will join you during the installation and mining process,so you would  obtain the best benefits and profits.